GM - Ryan Holt

Hello everyone! This is just a quick little introduction about myself, the GM of this campaign.

My name is Ryan Holt. I am 22 years old and have been playing Dungeons and Dragons for about 7 years now. With a couple campaigns under my belt I have decided to step this one up a little bit, and see what I can do to help bring DnD up to speed with technology. The player’s are all friends I have met at my time in Greeley Colorado, and if this goes well, I will be planning on doing several more campaigns in the same vein. See you at the tables!

Press START!

Here we go, first session is starting now!

First Session Completed

We just finished our first session! Don’t know when the podcast is going to be up, but we are planning on burning through it tomorrow to get it up some time in the next couple days!


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