Jaydon Alpha

A young Gnome magic user with a thirst for unending knowledge. Very is little known about her background or family ties.



Rayne Gnome N/E Nerull Small Age- 26 3’01 45 lbs Female Hair- Purple Skin- Pale White Eyes- Blue Wizard-4 Sorcerer-1

16 +3

14 +2

18 +4

18 +4

17 +3

16 +3

HP- 39

AC- 12

Fort- 5

Reflex- 3

Will- 8

Attack- 1

Grapple- 1

Initiative- 2

Languages- Common, Gnome, Draconic, Terran, Celestial, Abyssal, Sylvan

Familiar- Raven (Draconic)

Abilities- Low Light +2 Illusions Save +1 w/ Illusions Spells +1 Kobolds/Goblins +4 AC Giants +2 Listen and Craft Alchemy +4 Hide 1/day Speak with Animal (Burrow) 1/day Dancing Lights, Ghost Sound, Prestidigitation


APPRAISE-INT             4+8+3=15
BALANCE-DEX             0+0+0=0
BLUFF-CHA             0+0+0=0
CLIMB-STR             0+0+0=0
CONCENTRATION-CON         0+0+0=0
CRAFT (Alchemy)-INT        0+0+0=0
DECIPHER SCRIPT-INT         0+0+0=0
DIPLOMACY-CHA             0+0+0=0
DISABLE DEVICE-INT         0+0+0=0
DISGUISE-CHA             0+0+0=0
ESCAPE ARTIST-DEX         0+0+0=0
FORGERY-INT             0+0+0=0
HANDLE ANIMAL-CHA        0+0+0=0
HEAL-WIS             0+0+0=0
HIDE-DEX             0+0+0=0
INTIMIDATE-CHA            0+0+0=0
JUMP-STR             0+0+0=0
KNOWLEDGE (ARCANA)-INT        4+8+0=12
KNOWLEDGE (LOCAL)-INT         0+0+0=0
LISTEN-WIS            0+0+0=0
MOVE SILENTLY-DEX         0+0+0=0
OPEN LOCK-DEX            0+0+0=0
PERFORM-CHA             0+0+0=0
PROFESSION-WIS         0+0+0=0
RIDE-DEX             0+0+0=0
SEARCH-INT             0+0+0=0
SENSE MOTIVE-WIS        0+0+0=0
SLEIGHT OF HAND-DEX         0+0+0=0
SPELLCRAFT-INT         4+8+0=12
SPOT-WIS             0+0+0=0
SURVIVAL -WIS             0+0+0=0
SWIM-STR            0+0+0=0
TUMBLE-DEX             0+0+0=0
USE MAGIC DEVICE-CHA        3+8+0=11
USE ROPE-DEX            0+0+0=0

Feats- (1) Still Spell (1) Scribe Scroll (3) Silent Spell

Spells (Sorcerer)-

0 Level- Acid Splash Ray of Frost Message Read Magic

1st Level- Burning Hands Magic Missile

Spells (Wizard)- 0 Level- All

1st Level- Mage Armor Shield Color Spray Sleep* Charm Person* Unseen Servant*

2nd Level-


Jaydon is a very mysterious character who was brought in on charges of assault, vandalism, and assault on a guard. She has been kept in the prison quarters for the last moon and does not understand why she is being held. She is incredibly arrogant and anti-social. She does not converse with other instead controls the conversation by asking questions and getting the “why?” behind everything. It seems as if her only use for other people is their knowledge and their ability to direct her toward greater sources of knowledge.

Jaydon has severe potential for the use of magic and it is lucky for us that she had not unlocked this full potential at the time of the incident. She is no older then 30 which would make her a mere child in Gnomish years. This makes her understanding of magic that much more surprising. I honestly believe that she knows nothing of her background, who her parent are, or what Gnome congregation she hails from. The only defining item she had on her at the time of her capture was a signet ring, the same signet can be found scarred into her right shoulder blade. The signet consists of three raised circles that sit at the points of an upside down triangle. Lines connect the two top points to the lower point of the but there is no line connecting the top points. The signet is unregistered but because of its simplicity we can assume it is only a design thought up by the head of the family.

It is important to note that Jaydon did not believe she was breaking any laws and has spent a majority of her time reading up on the laws of the city and the province. It is unfortunate that she still does not think that these laws apply to her. As she put it to me during one of our discussions,

“I gain no benefit from these laws so why follow them?”

“You get the protection they provide.”

“I do not need protection from those inferiors.”

I must say that she has an understanding of her potential as she was able to completely disable to of my guards and severely injure another one before she finally gave up. Her understanding of her abilities and thirst for knowledge have made me concerned.

It is my recommendation that upon her release tomorrow we offer her an escort to the edge of the province and just hope that she never decides to return. As nice as it would be to have her join the ranks of the Guardians she is uncontrollable and it seems she will stop at nothing to acquire knowledge. Most recently she has decided to look for the legendary spellbook of Azarath. She seems to have learned about this myth from an inmate moments before his heart gave out. We can only hope that her voyage for this fictional item will lead her away from this place.

Kyle Rayner Guardian of the Province 12, Sentinel-2, Summer

Jaydon Alpha

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