Eadwig of the Rhazgala

Half-orc Barbarian


STR: 20 DEX: 15 CON: 16 INT:12 WIS:14 CHA:12

HP: 44 AC: 17

FORT: 7 REF: 3 WILL: 3

Attack: Great axe, +9, 1d12, x3


The plains of Maltak were once lush with plants and life. This is the life that Eadwig knew of before the storms. The storms were fierce and great for his people. Many tribes had moved from the area just so that they could survive. Famous tribes such as the Alherra, the Doma, the Bikta, and the Shintula left the plains of Maltak. Only the Rhazgala remained believing that the storms could be bearable for the people. The Rhazgala felt that they had a deep connection with the land they lived on, that without them the land could not live. To this day, Eadwig felt that this is the reason why Maltak, for all purposes, died. Eadwig was the lone survivor of his tribe. The Doma tribe, also believing they had a connection with the land, felt that Maltak was rejecting him from returning from which he came. The Alherra tribe say his human blood gave him the resolve to survive. The Shintula just call it luck and the Bikta call it a miracle. Eadwig himself thought of it as mercy. To this day Eadwig searches the globe for the true cause of the storms, knowing that if the storms have never happened, then the Rhazgala tribe would still be around.

After wondering the mountains for a few days, Eadwig soon found himself followed by a man in a black cloak. Soon it became a chase which resulted in him being chased to a small village. After running for so many days, Eadwig decided to take a days reprieve at the local inn, the Vulgar Unicorn. There he encountered a small group of adventurers, composed of a human paladin, a half-elf bard, and a gnome wizard, who also said they have had encounters with the cloaked man, who soon revealed himself to the party. Eadwig, wanting to know who this man is, followed him to his booth in the Vulgar Unicorn. There the man mentioned a brief warning before a knife was thrown into his head. The gnome quick to react cast a web spell in the direction in hopes of entangling the assassin, but failed as the group watches the assassin leave the bar. As a last ditch effort, Eadwig and the paladin threw their ale which they have been drinking toward the door only for it to be set on fire by the gnome. This resulted in a chain of events that caused the destruction of the Vulgar Unicorn and its patrons.

The group made haste to follow the assassin and traveled through a dead forest until they reached a cave. There the bard officially named the cave Fires Refuge. Upon entering the cave, the group encountered a split path. After determining that there were voices coming down from one of the paths, the group decided to march on forward. After traveling the path for some bit, a group of 5 skeletons dropped from the ceiling and attacked the group. The gnome, being the first attacked, was quickly made useless as a skeleton grappled her. The rest of the group made quick work of the remaining skeletons before any serious harm came to them. Soon after passing through what was later known as the hall of the elements, the party encountered a halfling, which was quickly identified as a lich by the bard. The lich, in return for what ever the party wants, assigned a job to them. They are to retrieve three items; the dwarf king’s signet ring, an elven lock box, and the gnome key. Though reluctant at first, Eadwig chooses to join the group thinking there may be something that the lone survivor wants.

Eadwig of the Rhazgala

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