Kalesson Talkwell

3rd lvl Human Paladin of Pelor; 24 years old; 6'3, 220 lbs; short dark hair, gray eyes, well-trimmed short beard.


STR – 17 DEX – 14 CON – 16 INT – 16 WIS – 15 CHA – 18

AC – 19 (full plate)

HP – 33

Saves: Fort – 6 Ref – 3 (2 when armored) Will – 3

Feats: Quick Draw Weapon Focus: Greatsword Negotiator

Armor: Full plate

Weapons: Masterwork Greatsword Longsword Composite Longbow (+2 STR) Arrows x20

Gear: Tent, bedroll, winter blanket Explorer’s outfit Wooden holy symbol of Pelor Backpack Waterskin Belt pouch x2 50 ft coil of silk rope Grappling hook Flint and steel Whetstone 10 ft pole Manacles Crowbar Sunrod x5 Anti-toxin x2 Thunderstone x2 Tanglefoot bag x2 Metal vial Tindertwig x5 (stored in metal vial)

144 gp

Total weight: 161lb


The son of alchemist Richard Talkwell and Alessi the Bard (a lutist of minor repute), Kalesson was raised in a small village and had a fairly ordinary childhood. To his parent’s minor surprise, Kalesson announced he had been called to the service of Pelor at the age of fifteen, feeling in his heart that he was meant to make a difference in this world through spreading Pelor’s Light.

His training as a paladin was swift, as he had a natural aptitude for learning and an easygoing charm that belied his forceful personality. He easily adapted to the strict rule of military life within the church. He rapidly grew large and strong, and took to wielding his greatsword with brutal efficiency, and also discovered he was a decent shot with a bow.

Recently, his training has been completed, and has been sent out into the wide world to combat darkness wherever he finds it.

Kalesson Talkwell

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